Who We Are?

Smart, open-minded, hard-working, friendly people eager to overcome challenges – that’s the type of people work at GrovNest Digi LLP.

We pick our co-coworkers carefully because being able to count on and learn from each other is our CORE VALUE. Every new GrovNest member goes through extensive training & development to ensure understanding of HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) and Blockchain Technology. We believe in collaboration not competition and working together is the best investments for the future of the learning and education industry.

Our Goal

  • Know the value of fingerprints.

  • Know strength/weaknesses with accuracy of 96%.

  • Get Career Counseling till you succeed.

  • Get certificate for completions and job assistance.

  • Get reward for staying in Network.

  • Eco-system for right career with healthy life.

  • Customized E-Wallet.

GrovNest Means - People's House

GrovNest is a one-stop solutions for all human needs starting from counseling, learning, development, corporate collaboration, creating new sustainable and reliable network.

Working together is a way to create better future and New Bharat.

Learn key skills, clarify goals, understand options, determined strengths & weaknesses, support from objective guide, broaden perspective, develop the right strategies, gain job search support.



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“Let’s make internet as Net worth”

Headquarter: 52/1 Bishop Cotton Road, Polo, Shillong, Meghalaya, India, 793001.

Assam, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru.

Digital India – BHARAT

GrovNest Digi LLP – AAU-7796

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